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Dr. Norman has been practicing Bariatric Medicine (specialty in diet & nutrition) in South Carolina for over 40 years. Dr. Norman graduated with a PHD in pharmacy as well as a PHD of medicine from MUSC. In recent years, Dr. Norman has completed his Fellowship with A4M, which is the gold standard in international training and Anti-Aging health. Continuing education at American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine is essential to our practice. Myrtle Beach Diet began in 1975, when Dr. Norman and his wife, Nan, moved to Myrtle Beach to open a family practice of medicine. He was shocked to see the vast number of grossly over-medicated and overweight patients in need of medical care. Many of his patients began to voice interest in his own personal exercise and dietary discipline. With the help of his wife, Dr. Norman started making personalized Myrtle Beach diet, health, nutrition and vitamin plans for his patients. He noticed that he achieved optimal results when patients altered their diets, started exercising and made positive life changes. By giving patients a lifetime diet prescription, he began a 'revolution' in standard care that received and continues to receive great support from the Myrtle Beach community as well as throughout the nation.

Dr. Fred and Nan Norman, Founders of The Myrtle Beach Diet

Nan Nease Norman

Nan is the lead diet and hormone consultant with Dr. Norman's Myrtle Beach Diet & Regenerative Rx with a special interest in menopause and women's health issues. Nan was born into a military family serving in Italy, Greenland and the USA, a multicultural background with an Italian mother and USAF fighter pilot. She attended high school in Charleston, WV, and graduated with a BA Degree from the University of South Carolina in English and Psychology. She is a certified fitness trainer, an affiliate of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine's Fellowship Program. She was a two time first runner up and fitness winner in Mrs. SC International, and Mrs. South Carolina America with awards in fitness, congeniality and community service in women's health. Their family's Christian faith is the heart of their Myrtle Beach Diet & Regenerative Medicine mission. She and Dr. Norman have three daughters and five cherished grandchildren.

Myrtle Beach Diet has a wide selection of health supplements.

Our spacious office sometimes is too tempting for our young family.

Nan's mom Toni has been a front office greeter since our doors opened in 1975.

Olga Norman Thorn embodies the family's health mission though her OMYoga Studio.

From our family to yours, we welcome you to Dr. Norman's Myrtle Beach Diet & Regenerative Medicine.

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